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2004 Greenland Hiking

Hiking from Kangerlussuaq to Sissimiut from 7th to 18th of August 2004
Totally 12 dayes with backpack, 170 km messured on the map, and on top ups and downs. Rita lost 4 kg and Mogens lost 7 kg. Aftyer that sailing to Ililissat for exploring this area.

2016 Trip description from Faroe

Smyril Lines prepared there own version of our traveldescription in their standard layout to be precented on the homepage. The content is simular to our 2016 The Faroes 'Island Hopping'.

2016 The Faroes 'Island Hopping'

Traveldescription from our first trip to The Faroes.
We sailed with Smyril LIne from Hirtshals, Denmark, to Thorshavn on The Faroes with our own car. A jurney of app 30 huors.
Drived around between 11 of the 18 islands and overnighted in hotel, all in a weeks time. Then back home with the ferrey to Denmark.

2018 The Czech Republic in Autocamper

Traveldescription Exploring the Czech Republic driving in our camperc.
The camper is packed, the Hedonists and Nino, our 1 ½ year old springer spaniel, are all set and excited about an autumn trip to The Czech Republic. Once again we go for adventures exploring another bite of wonderful Europe. Denmark – Germany – The Czech Republic – Germany – Denmark. 2.237 kilometers adventure through scenic areas.